Silverado Farming Company

We are a full-service vineyard management company based in Napa California. We design, install, and farm winegrapes for a variety of people from small family farmers to Wineries of all sizes.


Silverado Farming Company is a full-service vineyard management company farming vineyards for wineries and growers in Napa and Sonoma Counties.

For 20 years, Silverado Farming Company has provided vineyard management to Napa Valley’s best estate wineries. Additionally, we farm several independent vineyards and sell fruit to Napa’s top consulting winemakers.

Silverado Farming is the only vineyard management company in the Napa Valley with a full-time Research Manager. Our goal is to show how vineyard practices can improve wine quality. Each year, we conduct several vineyard trials to turn into finished wine in our experimental winery. Clients have an opportunity to taste these wines at our annual spring workshop.

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