Sustainable Wine Solutions

Recycling doesn't go far enough. Prioritizing REUSE is the only way to truly embrace the circular economy and create more efficient and less damaging supply chains.


SustainableWineSolutions is the ultimate sustainable service provider for the wine trade. We provide quality driven sustainable wine systems that eliminate wasteful packaging and promote reuse:  wine-on-tap keg systems using reusable Ecofass kegs and 100% reusable stainless steel kegs, a 10L VinoTap™ and the Bottle Return Scheme. We are the only U.K. wine on tap company working with reusable kegs and returnable bottles. We work with independent, sustainably minded winemakers to deliver our Zero Waste wine list, with a wide selection of organic, biodynamic, natural and vegan wines. Our in-house team of operations and winery experts manage all elements of the supply chain from producer to customer, ensuring watertight quality control every step of the way. Convenience, quality and sustainability go hand in hand.


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