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The Wine Society is committed to taking action on climate change. We will be carbon neutral by 2024, reduce emissions from our direct operations to zero by 2028 and be net zero, across our business and supply chain, by 2040.


Sustainability has always been important to us. For nearly 150 years, we have been working closely with the best suppliers and growers to offer great-value wines to our members – and we want to continue doing that for the next 150. This means we need to do much more to tackle the greatest issues of our time.

With ever-increasing pressures from an unpredictable climate and biodiversity loss, many growers are already facing significant challenges from climate change, which impacts harvests, wine quality and, ultimately, price. To continue to thrive, we must work together to take care of the natural world that we need to grow our grapes, as well as the passionate people we need to make and transport wine to our doors.

That’s why we have created a sustainability plan with a series of ambitious goals. We’re committed to making sure that everything we do at The Society, across all aspects of the business, is good for the people we work with, good for the products we sell and, above all, good for the planet.

Sustainability is a wide-reaching concept, so we’ve broken it down into five areas:

  • Acting on climate change
  • Protecting and regenerating our environment
  • Sourcing responsibly and ethically
  • Caring for all our people
  • Inspiring action

We want The Society to be one of the most sustainable wine retailers in the world. This goal is firmly rooted in a clear mission to continue providing delicious, high-quality wines to our members for many years to come. It is ambitious – we don’t have all the answers and we certainly cannot do it alone.

That is why we have joined The Porto Protocol, so we can work with others to tackle these challenges together.

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