The Yeatman Hotel


Member of the prestigious Relais & Châteaux collection of hotels, The Yeatman Hotel in Porto is a unique and distinctive landmark in the world of classic luxury hotels commanding panoramic views over the historic city of Porto and the Douro River. Distinguished with two Michelin Stars for its restaurant under the direction of Chef Ricardo Costa, The Yeatman also has the largest cellar of Portuguese wines and Ports in the world with more than 1,000 references and 27,000 bottles, making it one of Europe’s leading wine hotels.

Offering individuality of character and a sense of effortless comfort, The Yeatman Hotel is the address of choice for discerning travellers visiting Porto and the North of Portugal.

Many features have been incorporated into the design and operation of The Yeatman to help reduce its impact on the environment.

Solar panels are used for water heating and to generate electricity in order to reduce consumption of mains power. Low energy lighting is installed throughout the building.

Rain harvesting supplies water for sanitary use and garden irrigation. The hotel is equiped with a large Greywater treatment system. Additionally, it sources mine-water for part of the hotel’s water needs.

A reverse osmosis system produces purified drinking water from the mains supply, reducing emissions created by the transport of bottled water and the recycling of glass.

The food waste from The Yeatman’s restaurants is composted and the finished moist is used n the hotel’s gardens.

Preference is given to local sources of produce in order to reduce the carbon footprint of The Yeatman’s supplies.

Making up one of the few remaining significant areas of green vegetation in the central area of the city, The Yeatman’s extensive gardens are managed as a refuge for rare and endangered local plant species and a haven for local and migratory birds. Care has been taken to preserve several mature trees already growing on the site.

The Yeatman has also been designed to harmonise with the city landscape, using materials and an architectural style which allow it to blend.

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