Unpacking WINE | New York Climate Week

Within the New York Climate Week (https://www.climateweeknyc.org/), Porto Protocol, ipartnership with the New York Wine & Grape Foundation (Boldly NY), Communal Brand and Wine Queen, bring you various stakeholders of the value chain to discuss the topic: Unpacking WINE: Challenges, solutions and exploring consumer’s perceptions towards minimizing wine’s carbon footprint.  


Packaging is the element that contributes to the carbon footprint of wine, and the way through which wine production impacts the environment the most. We will explore the various components of primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging. Challenges and opportunities exist in every sector and differ depending on region, consortium requirements, monetary resources, and winery size. By understanding the issues related to each material, we can take targeted actions to minimize the negative impacts of packaging and strengthen its environmental sustainability. What solutions are out there, and how consumers are perceiving these innovations...  


To attend event kindly send email to rsvp@drinkjuliet.com

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