March 4, 2020

Eight Ways Wine Will Change in 2020

“Eight Ways Wine Will Change in 2020” is the title of an article published by Bloomberg.

Its opening quote is, unavoidably, on how #climatechange has changed the game, for example, regarding the timing and approach to grape harvest, and how it will continue to do so, especially with 2019’s scorching heat waves in France, catastrophic fires in Sonoma, California and South Australia.

At least two more trends are, in one way or another, related to a greater need for balance between profit and planet:

1) How #globalwarming will lead to new experiments across wine regions.

2) Innovative packaging will come along, from refillable, reusable jugs and flat bottles made from recycled plastic (Garçon Wines, a Porto Protocol member, has already innovated on this matter, with its flat and recycled plastic bottle), as well as green-friendly components such as zero-carbon corks (in fact, Amorim Cork Ventures one of PP’s mentors, has already launched a carbon positive cork, even better than neutral…)..

Check out the full story in the link below.…/eight-ways-wine-will-change-in-…

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