August 1, 2020

How Has the Wine Sector Incorporated the Premises of Circular Economy?

Patricia Calicchio Berardi, Co-Owner of our member Textura WInes, and Joana Maia Dias, have researched and published a systematic review done on 41 scientific manuscripts focusing on the wine chain and their incorporation of the concept and practices of Circular Economy.


Much has been done in the wine production sector to promote sustainable development. Given its relevance in the economy
and in society, it is fundamental to align its activities with the optimal use of resources and the regeneration and restoration of the
natural system in agreement with the premises set by the Circular Economy (CE). The main interest of this work was, through a
systematic literature review, to identify in the revised studies how the wine sector has incorporated the premises of CE in its activities.
Six topics define the concerns addressed: water, solid waste, energy, chemical use, land use and ecosystems, in different parts of the
chain: viticulture, winemaking and distribution. From the evaluation of 41 selected empirical studies, no clear definition regarding CE
was found; however, the detailed analysis reveals aspects which incorporate CE practices such as the reduction of waste disposal by its
treatment and recovery, the best use of resources at all stages of the process chain and the need to rethink and redesign current practices.
The specific subjects identified were waste recovery, alternative energy sources such as biofuels production and water quality
improvement. Land use, ecosystem impacts, and use of agrochemicals were not considered.


Read the full study here.


Scientific Article By:

Patricia Calicchio Berardi1, 2 and Joana Maia Dias1
1. LEPABE, Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, Porto 4200-465,
2. CELOG Centro de Excelência e Logística e Supply Chain da EAESP-FGV, São Paulo 01313-902, Brazil

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