August 20, 2020

New Nature Economy Report II: The Future Of Nature And Business

The Future of Nature and Business was published by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with AlphaBeta, and it is the second in a series of reports from the New Nature Economy project, the first being Nature Risk Rising that was published in January 2020.

This report highlights the need for a fundamental transformation across three socio-economic systems, which represent over a third of the global economy and provide up to two-thirds of all jobs. These systems are: food, land and ocean use; infrastructure and the built environment; and extractives and energy. Together they drive the threats which endanger almost 80% of the total threatened and near-threatened species. These systems, therefore, have a significant opportunity and responsibility to reverse nature loss. But they also have tremendous upside benefits to gain by embracing this transformation now.

The Future of Nature and Business sets out how 15 transitions across the three systems can form the blueprint of action for nature-positive transitions which could generate up to US$10.1 trillion in annual business value and create 395 million jobs by 2030.

Read the full report on the World Economic Forum website.

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