The M.A.SILVA group was incorporated in 1972 by Manuel Alves da Silva, its current Executive President, as a company dedicated to the manufacture of natural cork stoppers. This is a family-run group with a strong financial dynamic and in-depth knowledge of the cork production sector.

Operating in the cork industry for over 45 years, exploiting synergies between nature and industry, committed to becoming an industry benchmark at product quality level, customer service, technological innovation and mindful of sustainable development. The group reaffirms its entrepreneurship by being bold and serious-minded in the marketing of its product, the natural cork stopper.

As a major player in the cork industry, with a firmed worldwide presence M.A.SILVA, guarantees full traceability of the production process from the tree to the final product. The cork, as a raw material, is manually removed using traditional tools, minimizing environmental impact and improving the tree’s health. As proof that our methods are effective, is that cork oak tree forests are flourishing and the total farming area with cork oaks is expanding every year. Oak forests remove CO2 (greenhouse gas) from the air as they grow. In Portugal, these forests are varied, have healthy habitats, and support a wide variety of plants and animals, including endangered species, such as the Iberian lynx.

The cork is processed in Portugal at the M.A.SILVA’s Raw Material Center facilities, in the heart of the Alentejo forest, where it grows, minimizing logistics impact and the carbon footprint. The water used at the facilities for boiling the cork is recycled and filtered, and our patented cleaning and sterilization processes never involve chlorine, nor alcohol. One of our key responsibilities at M.A.SILVA is to actively foster sustainable forestation practices across southern Portugal. The districts in the Alentejo and the Algarve provide a near-perfect combination of climate and soil, with more cork-oak trees growing in this region than in any other region on the planet, producing over 50% of the world’s cork.

M.A.SILVA is a leading cork stoppers producer on a global scale, innovative on processes and products, working close to the end user. M.A.SILVA supplies the global wine markets with a range of products, from natural corks, to Viva® sparkling corks, Silktop® (1+1) corks, Evacorks® (colmatted), Pearl® corks (micro-agglomerated) and agglomerated corks. Portugal, Spain, France, China, Australia, USA, Brazil and Chile.

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