Catherine Leparmentier

Catherine Leparmentier

Managing Director

After having studied foreign languages applied to business and management, Catherine started her career in Bordeaux, working for the French local government in consulting small and medium business in the development of their export markets.

After one year in Zürich (Switzerland) for the same organisation she headed back to Bordeaux and started working for the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a public body which tasks are to support the business development of private companies.

In 1998, Catherine oversaw the setup of an international network around wine and in June 1999, launched the Great Wine Capitals Global Network.

She is still in charge of the Network as its managing director and supervises the development of the organisation as well as the marketing and communication activities.

For the last twenty years, she has been working with a lot of conviction and energy in the development of wine tourism in the Bordeaux vineyards and through her activities with the Great Wine Capitals where she is has gathered valuable knowledge in global wine tourism.

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