Gabriela Mascioli

Gabriela Mascioli


Gabriela Mascioli was born in São Paulo, Brazil to Italian and Swiss parents. With a Business and Finance degree, Gabriela exchanged a successful banking career for her great passion: gastronomy, opening a cookbook shop, cooking school and cafe that soon received great acclaim.

Now she divides her time between New York, Portugal, and the occasional but obligatory visit to Japan, but it is Herdade de Coelheiros that Gabriela calls home. Here in the historic Alentejo Estate, she is invested in creating a sustainable model taking advantage of the great biodiversity and minimizing waste and resource usage.

Gabriela graduated in Business,  has a Le Cordon Bleu Graduate Diploma in Gastronomy the University of Adelaide, and a Hautes Etudes du Goût, de la Gastronomie et des Arts de la Table from the University of Reims.

Gabriela was the owner of the famous bookstore in São Paulo – Mille Foglie – specializing in food and wine that also housed a cooking school.  She was also a columnist at “Prazeres da Mesa” and contributed for several other magazines and newspapers like Marie Claire, Estado de Sao Paulo, Gosto and Vogue. She edited and co-wrote the book “Compras 100% aprovadas” that in 2007 already looked into sustainability, and the book Receiving without Stress, winner of the “Gourmand Award” for Best Entertaining Cookbook and Best Cookbook Design in Brazil. She hosted Anthony Bourdain in the Sao Paulo episode of “No Reservations”, taught classes for the MBA of FAAP – Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation on Travel and Gastronomy. She also cooks daily and studied bakery at the Paris Cordon Bleu and New York ICE.

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