Laurence Berlemont

Laurence Berlemont


In 1996, Laurence created the “Cabinet d’Agronomie Provençale” (for advice and expertise), then in 2001, “Provence Agro Services” (for agricultural work).

In addition to the consultancy services provided through her companies, Laurence manages around 25 hectares of vineyards in Provence. Maintaining a genuinely comprehensive overview of agricultural areas is essential to her work and business, both from an agronomic, oenological and technical point of view and from an administrative and management point of view.

Laurence is qualified as an Agronomy Engineer from the Institut National Agronomique de Paris Grignon and as an Oenologist from the ENSA of Montpellier. Serving as a taster for the Conseil Oléicole International since 2001 and as Land and Agricultural Expert since 2008, Laurence has essential additional diversifications.

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