Luis Cerdeira

Luis Cerdeira

Global Manager and Winemaker
António Luís Cerdeira was born in Melgaço into the world of vines and wines. He has a profound knowledge of Alvarinho, and is currently manager and winemaker at Soalheiro, a role he performs with passion and joy. With his spontaneous smile, he feels the winery and Soalheiro like nobody else.

He was two when his father, with the help of his grandfather, planted the first Alvarinho continuous vine in 1974. Son of the founders, his deep attachment to viticulture since childhood steered him to the Oenology course at UTAD, from which he graduated in 1994. After his traineeship in Burgundy and despite being at his father’s side for as long as he can remember, it was in that year that he made his first harvest as a winemaker.

A restless learner, always keen to improve, he is an inspiring cornerstone in the creation of new Soalheiro wines. An inquisitive man, always thirsty for innovation, training for him must be a continuous and consistent process. He participates in tastings, visits and hands-on courses, and encourages the Soalheiro Team to follow suit, in the pursuit of quality and differentiation.


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