Mathilde Boulachin

Mathilde Boulachin

Owner and CEO
Born in Champagne, Mathilde Boulachin grew up immersed in the world of wine and has shared this deep rooted passion for the land from an early age. She is proud of her heritage and it was a natural decision for her to follow a career path in the wine & spirit industry.

Her extensive travel experience allowed her to become fluent in French, English, Spanish and Swedish. Her experiences have given her an international, cosmopolitan perspective of the world of wine and helped to fine-tune her sales and marketing knowledge.

Mathilde has acquired a number of qualifications from a French Business School as well as a Master degree specializing in International Wine & Spirit Sales.

Mathilde decided to build on her professional experience by living abroad in the United States, Spain and Scandinavia where, after first working as Marketing Director in a multinational Swedish company, she became a Buyer and “Wine Brand Manager” for a leading private import company for pan-Nordic wines & spirits.

She later returned to the Languedoc-Roussillon region in France and in 2010, Mathilde decided to team up with a business partner to embark upon a new adventure creating Domaines Pierre Chavin. By thinking outside the box, Mathilde and her team have succeeded in firmly establishing their merchant company in the wine sector and quickly built a solid international reputation thanks to their winning differentiation strategy.

As both Manager and Coach, she strives to pass on her energy and positivity to her team. Strong values, social and environmental responsibilities added to open mind made her success.

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