Michele Manelli

Michele Manelli

Founder & CEO

Michele Manelli was born in Sassuolo (northern Italy, close to Modena), raised in Paris and is living in Tuscany since more than twenty years. As a vintner in Montepulciano, he founded and developed Salcheto, a wine producing operation, as a model of sustainable efficiency, firmly convinced that businesses in general are the key actors for a new social progress.

Over the last decade he has been directly engaged in promoting projects of research, development and wine value-chain lobbying oriented to sustainability, such as the “Charter of Montepulciano for the Wine Carbon Footprint” (2010) or the “Forum for Wine Sustainabilty (2013-2015), for which he acted as co-founder and author of the “2014 Report on Sustainability” (www.vinossotenibile.org).

His engagement pursued with a significant contribution the founding of Equalitas in 2016, a company controlled byt the Italian Federation of Wine Consortiums (FederDoc), which was born to promote sustainable business models along the wine industry and diffuse its culture in the wine world markets. Although tightly related to the wine sector, he joined and developed initiatives in the tourism, art and ceramics fields in Italy and abroad.

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