Nicolas Quillé

Nicolas Quillé

COO and Chief Winemaker

Nicolas Quillé MW was born in Lyon, France, into a family with three generations working in the wine business.

Nicolas holds a Master degree in enology from the University of Dijon in Burgundy and a Master degree in sparkling winery management from the University of Reims in Champagne,  an MBA from the University of Washington in Seattle and is a member of the prestigious Institute of Masters of Wine. He has worked for wineries in Burgundy, Provence, Champagne, the Rhône valley, the Douro valley, Oregon, Washington and California.

Nicolas has more than 25 years of experience in the wine industry with an emphasis on viticulture, winemaking, quality control, wine business management, wine portfolio management and merger and acquisitions. He has judged at numerous wine competitions and is speaking at wine conferences on a regular basis. Currently, Nicolas is the Chief Winemaking and Operations Officer for the Crimson Wine Group based in Napa, California and he lives in Portland Oregon.

Nicolas has a keen interest in transforming wine into the most natural and carbon-free beverage. Therefore, he spends much time on worrying about saving our planet in relation to how grapes are grown and how wines are made. Nicolas is co-author of “Understanding Wine Technology, 4th edition”, one of the most recommended books explaining how wine is made.

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