Nature-based solutions (NbS) address societal problems in ways that benefit both people and nature. The main focus of this report is the joint role of NbS for addressing the climate and biodiversity crises we currently face. Natural habitats act as NbS for climate if they sequester carbon (contributing to Net Zero targets) or provide adaptation to climate change effects (for example, reducing flooding, protecting coastline against sea-level rise or creating cool spaces in cities).

As well as these climate benefits, they can enhance biodiversity, create improved and more resilient ecosystem functioning, enhance human wellbeing and provide economic benefits, in terms of monetary value and job creation. Despite the huge range of benefits NbS have, they should be seen as complementary to other climate and conservation actions, not as a replacement to them.

This Executive Summary provides five key themes which emerge across the report, across the multiple habitats and multiple NbS studied. Six ‘priority’ habitats for NbS are given at the end of the summary. However, we emphasise that all habitats covered in the report can act as NbS and all can play a role in addressing the climate and biodiversity crises.

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