Climate in a Bottle: Jancis Robinson, Charles Bieler, Laura Varpasuo and Martin R. Reyes

Climate in a Bottle – Resources, Case Studies, and Articles

Figure 1: CSWA


Alternative Packaging 

Packamama’s Innovation – Wine Packaging Protecting Mother Earth – Eco Flat Wine Bottles

Frugalpac’s Innovation – Paper Bottles Helping to Decarbonise Beverage Packaging

Examples of Good Practices

Crimson Wine Group – Reduction of Glass Bottle Weight 

Soalheiro – Sustainable Packaging Can Make Good Business Sense 


Richard Smart, Smart Viticulture – Accept Climate Change, or Fight It?

Crimson Wine Group – Wine Packaging of the Future with Nicolas Quillé

Wine Intelligence – Packaging Attitudes Unfreeze – The views of Richard Hallstead

Communal Brands – Reimaging Box-Wine for the Sake of the Planet with Melissa Saunders

Reusable Bottle Schemes

Sustainable Wine Solutions – Zero Waste Solutions

ReWINE – reWINE Project 

Conscious Container 

Steps being taken by the glass industry

“Close the Glass Loop” and the European Wine Sector in Partnership

FEVE introducing Close the Glass Loop 

Other resources 

UK Wide Cork Recycling 

Robb Report -vRobb Recommends: Laylo Premium Boxed Wine

Eco-innovation and benchmarking of carbon footprint data for vineyards and wineries in Spain and France

California Wine’s Study objectives, results and recommendations for continuous improvement

Green Cork – Cork Recycling Initiaves 

ReCORK recycles natural wine corks to create carbon-negative material solutions

Institute of the Enviroment at UCLA – Life Cycle Assessment of Wine Packaging for Fetzer Vineyards


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