Influencers & Climate Action: Jeremy Cukierman MW, Sophia Longhi, Chiara Giannotti and Polly Hammond

The Role of Influencers To Drives Climate Action

Fashion, food, wine, travel… Influencers have the power to change where we go, what we buy and how we look. But how far does this extend? Can they change how we think about core issues such as climate change action?

As wine lovers, we tend to seek the stories of the people, families, and vineyards of the wines they love. With climate change intensifying, so does the threat on the industry as we know it. Without losing its magic, how can wine companies effectively communicate the steps they are taking to tackle this challenge?

Together, can influencers, content creators, and wine companies come together to impact the way they choose their next bottle? In this discussion, we will be talking to wine influencers at every level to explore how we can bring them into the conversation, help write the missing chapters and convey this a message of change.

Polly Hammond, 5 forests

Jeremy Cukierman MW, Kedge Wine School – France
Sophia Longhi, Skin & Pulp – UK
Chiara Giannotti, Vino TV – Italy


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