Wine Law & Sustainability: Luis Amado, Bennett Caplan & Allison Jordan

From a regulatory standpoint, we are seeing consistency and standardization starting to arise in ESG (Environmental Social & Governance) criteria, just like it exists for financial reporting.

Upcoming regulation is turning ESG into an imperative for companies, and wine businesses, public and private alike, will be no exception. Within this evolving reality, our industry is likely to be impacted across a variety of sectors: agricultural products, alcoholic beverages, retailers and distributors, ecommerce, and advertising and marketing. Ultimately, in can impact large retailers’ purchasing decisions as well as a company’s ability to secure financing. Some companies are ahead of the curve, some are yet to prepare, but there is still a sense of blurriness on what is to come.

For this Climate Talk, where we’re honored to partner with Católica University’s Academy in Food & Wine Law, we invited 3 guests that we hope can bring some light on what to expect and what to do.

Watch the webinar here:


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