In the local indigenous culture, Alpamanta means “Love for the Earth”. Working and coexisting in harmony with nature and the environment has always been a key aspect of native culture. That is why loving the earth is our motto and it is our way of caring for the Terroir.


In 2005 three close friends, Andrej Razumovsky from Austria and his cousin André Hoffmann from Switzerland, joined with Jeremie Delecourt from France to establish a boutique winery in Mendoza Argentina.  Andrej and Andre noble family Sayn Wittgenstain, who owned vineyards in Moldavia and Jeremie’s family are producers of rosé wine in the Cotes de Provence region and own the vineyard Chateaux de la Crois Bontar. Due to a combination of this rich heritage as well as a passion for the world of wine, our project came to life.

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