Amora Brava

Amora Brava works in the context of great enthusiasm and a profound family spirit.


Amora Brava is one of Portugal’s newest wine producers with in-depth knowledge and innovative approach to creating authentic high quality wines and strong brands.

The winery works in the context of great enthusiasm and a profound family spirit, above all thinking about the future of Laura and Sofia – Carlos Silva’s and Susana de Melo Abreu’s twin daughters – whose destiny has already been traced in Jorge Marques’ novel Quinta das Rosas.

Carlos Silva is one of Portugal’s best-known winemakers and Susana de Melo Abreu has dedicated her career to higher education and scientific research. She is an agricultural engineer specialising in viticulture, with a Master’s degree in Food Quality Control and a Ph.D in Oenology.

Amora Brava was set up in 2014. Its first wine was Psique. It is a very special wine, made on a very limited scale, from the finest grapes. This Dão wine “was born” in Paris, more precisely in the Louvre, before António Canova’s sculpture, “Eros and Psyche”. The wine symbolizes the couple’s love for their family and winemaking.

Susana de Melo Abreu, the company’s CEO, is responsible for the brands, design, choice of materials and promotion and marketing of Amora Brava’s portfolio.

The Índio Rei brand was next chosen for the company’s main portfolio. But how did the Índio Rei brand come about?  Interestingly, the brand was inspired by a painting in an old altarpiece from the chancel of Viseu Cathedral, now on display in the nearby Grão Vasco National Museum. The painting is by Vasco Fernandes, an important painter. Between 1501 and 1506, “Grão Vasco” painted the first South American Indian ever to be depicted in a Western painting, in the panel “Adoration of the Magi”, in which Balthazar, the Black King, is replaced by the Indian King (“Índio Rei”) whose name was “Amora Brava”. With this story and thanks to Carlos Silva’s recognized winemaking skills, it was not difficult for the Índio Rei brand to become the official brand of the Museum of Indigenous Art (MAI) in Curitiba, Brazil. The Índio Rei Red Label Dão DOP 2014 was presented in MAI – one of Brazil’s most important indigenous art museums – and is already distributed in Brazil.

This link to MAI, led to the desire to transform the Índio Rei wine into a major social and cultural project.

The company’s most recent wine, Índio Rei Huniverso (H + Universe) represents the universe that we can still build, a green universe.

The Quinta de Tralcume vineyard is located in Vilar Seco, in the heart of the Dão region.

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