Caminhos Cruzados

Since the beginning of the Caminhos Cruzados project, we have clearly defined the guiding values for sustainability.


Caminhos Cruzados was born from the initiative and will of the Santos family, born in Nelas, determined to return to their origins to invest in an old passion, the Dão wine. The wines are made from the company’s own production grapes and from selected producers, recognised for their quality and excellence of castes, all in the Dão region.

The philosophy of the company is based on the production of quality wines, with a side of tradition allied to modernism and constant differentiation that the market demands, it is in this context that the wines of Caminhos Cruzados appear as “The New Dão”.

The company (vineyards and winery) is located in the Dão area, more specifically in Nelas.

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