Catina Alla Spina

Cantina alla Spina is on a mission to significantly cut emissions in the wine industry through a reusable bottle system. A reusable bottle can save up to 71% of the emissions of a bottle of wine, and we truly believe in the positive impact of this on the planet.

Cantina alla Spina offers a reusable wine bottle system to wineries, wine importers and gastronomy. We provide coordination throughout the bottle’s life cycle, including the facilitation of the bottle, the forward and return logistics, the bottling, and the sanitation. In collaboration with partner wineries in Italy we also sell our own wine brand to gastromy in reusable bottles.

How it works? The process involves transporting wine directly from the winery in tanks instead of bottles. Bottling occurs in the country of sale, reducing transportation emissions linked to glass bottles. Bottles are distributed with a deposit and undergo sanitization in our facility upon return. Ready for a new round!

We currently operate in Germany and in the Netherlands and collaborate with Italian winemakers. Together with the winemakers and our customers, we commit to reducing the amount of single-use bottles in the wine industry. The implementation of this closed-loop system allows us to achieve a remarkable 71% reduction in GHG emissions per bottle of wine

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