Chateau Feely

With the nature and beauty of vineyards we are in a unique position to share our passion for nature, for preserving our amazing earth, and thus encourage and be catalysts for change.


Chateau Feely has been a wine estate for centuries. The date etched above the cellar and original buildings is 1737 and some walls date to 700 AD. Our families were both involved in the wine business generations ago: Seán’s grandfather owned and farmed a vineyard near Stellenbosch in South Africa.

Caro’s grandmother was a French descended from the Galway Frenchs, one of the 14 merchant families of Galway alongside illustrious names of Lynch and Kirwan – both famous wine geese. The French tribe moved from Normandy in France to Galway to import wine in the 1300s and Frenchs are noted as significant wine negociants in Bordeaux in the golden era.

In 2005 we followed our roots to pursue our dream of producing great wines from high-quality individual parcels on our limestone terroir.

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