Chene Bleu

In restoring a medieval wine estate in the heart of a UNESCO biosphere with unique fauna and flora, from the beginning we have looked for to find sustainable solutions in full respect of nature, including now our sustanabeelity project to harness the power of bees instead of chemicals and pesticides


Chêne Bleu wines are award-winning, luxury, couture wines, made to organic and biodynamic principles at the boutique wine estate of SCEA Domaine de la Verrière, high up in the hills near Gigondas in the Rhône valley.

Non mihi, non tibi, sed nobis  ‘Not mine, not yours, but ours.’  We chose this motto as it expresses the interactive philosophy at the heart of our work. As with a great bottle of wine, the pleasure is magnified by sharing. We take great pleasure in sharing Chêne Bleu and La Verrière with those who appreciate them.

Also, while the Domaine and the terroir have a clear identity and we have our own strongly held beliefs, we have assimilated our views with those of so many gifted people that La Verrière is no longer just our project.  Today it embraces a number of different ways of looking at the world and we hope to continue to engage with new ideas and new people.


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