Herdade dos Grous

Sustainability and nature are the pillars of our project.


Herdade dos Grous Estate belongs to the Pohl family and has 1.000 hectares, being 93 ha for the vineyards, 140ha for olive grove, a dam with total area of 85 ha, 15 ha of Pine trees, 7 ha of fruit trees and vegetable garden, 240 ha of pastures including 120 ha of Montado (mediterranean oak forest), 120 ha of natural pastures, 275 ha of forage for the cattle, being the rest of the area for protect wildlife and promoting functional biodiversity. This crop mosaic is fundamental to have good practices in sustainable agriculture.

Herdade dos Grous mission is to produce sustainably, protecting the environment, promoting the well-being of its employees and benefiting the local community in which it operates.


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