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Jackson Family Wines has committed to reduce our carbon footprint in half by 2030 and become climate positive by 2050 across Scopes 1-3 without purchasing offsets.


Jackson Family Wines is a family-owned, vineyard-based company with a penchant for exploration. Founder Jess Jackson placed his faith in farming and a meticulous expression of wine with his first landscape-changing vintage in 1982, an ethos that chairman Barbara Banke, the Jackson family, and our employees continue to uphold to this day. The Jackson family’s collection of 40 wineries spans significant winegrowing regions, from California, Oregon, Washington, Canada, France, and Italy in the northern hemisphere, to Australia, Chile and South Africa in the southern half of the globe. Vineyard ownership and sustainable practices remain key to consistent quality and artisan winemaking underscores a steadfast commitment to making wines of character and integrity.

We are redefining sustainability to focus not only on minimizing our environmental impact, but also on creating positive change. We continue to preserve natural habitats and waterways, but we are also thinking about how to increase biodiversity in those habitats. We are also working on reducing our carbon footprint, including leading efforts to help motivate the entire global wine community to take climate action.

That’s why we launched Rooted for Good: Roadmap to 2030. It’s a comprehensive action plan to help us make a difference for the planet and the community. Over the next 10 years, we’ll cut carbon emissions in half. We’ll move every estate vineyard to regenerative farming. We’ll continue to deploy smart water management practices that conserve this precious resource and enhance our local watersheds. And we’ll invest even more in the health of our people and communities. It’s a sustainability and climate solutions plan to enhance our ecosystems, reduce our environmental impact, and build more resiliency for our multigenerational family wine business.

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