Mallard Point

From field to glass, we approach our craft conscientiously and sustainably. All our drinks are made in small batches with minimal intervention, to respect the natural flavours. We keep all production in-house to maintain the highest standards of quality control and reduce our carbon footprint.


Our family-run single estate vineyard, winery and distillery located in Essendine, Rutland is home to over 11,000 vines; the first of which were planted in 2019. Our first vintage was in 2021 and was produced in our own built winery, and limited edition wines imminently due for release. With grapes flourishing, Allis, our second vineyard was planted in early May 2022, featuring the UK’s first commercial planting of the PIWI variety, Cabernet Jura.

Our state-of-the-art distillery features cutting-edge, innovative spirit-making technology which is energy efficient; using up to 75% less energy than a traditional copper still. To blend our spirits, we source and draw natural mineral water for production on-site from the aquifer which runs below the distillery. We take our inspiration for our spirits and flavour profiles from sparkling and still wines, and production techniques used in our winemaking.


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