Pierre Chavin

The french house of innovation and audacity in the world of wine and trendy alternative beverages.


Chavin cultivates with modernity and elegance the art of difference.
Its creative expertise is sold in many countries around the world… from the Americas to Asia!

Based in the south of France, maison Chavin creates, like a couture house, assemblies that respond to new consumer needs from here and abroad.

The Art of Difference is executed with consistency and meaning. Chavin responds with disruptive audacity and responsible commitment.

Chavin is deeply rooted in an extensive CSR approach. Inspired by a long stay in Sweden, Mathilde Boulachin has created a model of social commitment, respect for employees, customer satisfaction and consideration for the entire ecosystem surrounding the company.

Chavin shares a constructive message based on tolerance, open-mindedness, multi-ethnic, intergenerational and egalitarian sharing.


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