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Our mission is to be sustainable based on the three pillars: environment, social, and economic.


We aim for more than just being organic, we strive to be ZERO, and that is why we continuously work towards it.

Our mission is to be sustainable based on the three pillars: environment, social, and economic.

In terms of the environment, we make every effort to preserve and assist the vines by not disturbing the soil and allowing natural grass cover in the vineyard. This creates healthy competition for the vines, which results in more complex and higher-quality products. We closely monitor this process with the help of specialized technicians.

Socially and economically, we prioritize our region by creating local job opportunities and consuming local products. For example, during wine tastings for tourists, we include our own olive oil, which is accompanied by artisanal homemade bread purchased from a local small producer. We also collaborate with local colleges (ISCAC, ESEC, and ESAC), local daycares, and nurseries to promote and uplift the region while maintaining product quality.

In terms of water and energy efficiency, we have implemented sustainable practices over the years. We have an annual consumption plan and maintain monthly records of water, electricity, waste, and fuel usage, enabling us to manage and improve for future years.

Regarding recycling, we strive to give new life to our products by reviving the vineyard, reusing bottles, paper boxes, and plastic wrap around the pallets of our wines. We aim for our brand to be 100% reusable while maintaining quality.

In terms of the product’s economic viability, the FĂ©nix edition has shown phenomenal results and excellent acceptance from our audience. The product sold out in less than two months since its launch in just two years.

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