Founded by 4th generation winegrowers Carlo & Dante Mondavi in 2013, RAEN is a pinot noir domain rooted in the true Sonoma Coast of California. The unique spelling is the winery’s society and ethos: Research in Agriculture and Enology Naturally. With over 100 years of family history making wine, Carlo and Dante aim to define the next 100 years through their dedication to clean farming practices. Their monopole vineyards are farmed with the utmost respect for Mother Earth, incorporating permaculture, regenerative, biodynamic, and organic practices.

RAEN Winery also leads the Monarch Challenge, founded by Carlo Mondavi in 2017. Named after the fact that the monarch population has been in steep decline since the introduction of Round Up in the 70s, the winery donates a Rose bottling every year to bring awareness and drive solutions for clean farming practices in Sonoma, Napa, and beyond.

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