Waterford Wines, Ltd

Our story is one where our vineyards, our people and nature coexist. We believe in ethical farming and uplifting our local community to build a flourishing and sustainable future for our agricultural business.


Waterford Estate – our home – created to preserve the footprint of nature, the vigour of the vines and to share lasting memories with family and friends through wine. We believe that truly great wine will carry you away to the place of origin and therefore we are committed to ensuring that every bottle of Waterford Estate bestows a sense of belonging. The passion that guides us in our pursuit of excellence is evident in all aspects of Waterford Estate – from the warm welcoming of guests to our passion for conservation. This is our Waterford Way.

Waterford Estate can be found in the picturesque Blaauwklippen Valley situated within the world-renowned Stellenbosch region in South Africa. This is one of the areas in the world where blue skies blend down onto majestic valley slopes which in turn flow to vibrant and expertly tended rows of healthy vines.

The estate has been operating since 1998 and is proudly owned by the Ord family. The name Waterford is a combination of the Ord surname as well as the waterfalls from the mountains that surround the estate (WATERF + ORD). The idea was given by the oldest daughter, Ashleigh Ord.

Upon entering Waterford Estate, you’ll be struck by the natural beauty of our wine farm which is reflected in each of our wines. Spend the day leisurely sipping on one of our distinguished wines, surrounded by the undisturbed views of the Helderberg mountain. With the wine cellar built surrounding the courtyard, you’ll be able to observe the workings of the winery and get a true feel for the winemaking process.

We pride ourselves in making Fine Wine from our carefully selected grapes. Over the past few years, our winemaker, Mark Le Roux and viticulturist, David van Schalkwyk both agree that the vine is a living organism which, in harmony with nature, produces the best grapes and authentic wines. The vine’s resistance and strength depend directly on its symbiosis with its environment.

We believe a Fine Wine displays the character of its cultivar and a true sense of place. A Fine Wine should reflect the length on the palate, has a complexity of flavours, internal harmony between aromatics and the palate, and balance between its essential components.



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