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Maison Mirabeau

Mirabeau believes that, as wine producers, we need to tread lightly and do everything we can to reduce the impact of farming, supply chain and global logistics on the environment.

We work growers across Provence and the South of France to bring the best rosé wines to our customers.

Mirabeau was created in 2010 by an Anglo-German couple who left London to live their dream of making wine in Provence. Their wines are now selling in more than 50 countries and are regarded as some of the best from the region. Mirabeau is primarily a négociant, but since 2019 have had their own domaine near the village of La Garde Freniet, just inland from Saint Tropez. Since becoming farmers themselves, they’ve adopted regenerative viticultural practices and have become founding trustees of the Regenerative Viticulture Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to accelerate the learnings and benefits of regenerative agriculture in vineyards.


Address: 5 Cours Gambetta, 83570 Cotignac
Country: France
Phone: +33 494374002

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