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CIIMAR – Interdisciplinary Centre of Marine and Environmental Research

Interdisciplinary Centre of Marine and Environmental Research

CIIMAR is an R&D centre from the University of Porto whose mission is to develop transdisciplinary and transnational research of excellence, promote technological development and innovation and support public policies and governance in the area of Marine and Environmental Sciences.

CIIMAR’s research and innovation strategy is based on a multidisciplinary environment organized in thematic lines that allows it to tackle, in an integrative way, important scientific and societal challenges.

Marine Biotechnology

Research topics include the investigation of the richness of Ocean resources for the discovery and characterization of new bioactive compounds with ecological, pharmaceutical or other industrial applications. The study of emerging toxins, development of biosensors for early detection systems, and the development of bioremediation and phytoremediation tools for ecosystem recovery are other main goals of this research line.

Global Changes and Ecosystems Services

CIIMAR provides basic knowledge and tools to support the protection and management of marine, estuarine and freshwater ecosystems. Sustainable exploitation of ocean resources with the production of valuable goods and services is fostered. Work is done in close collaboration with SMEs, international and local authorities, and stakeholders.

Biology, Aquaculture and Seafood Quality

Promote aquaculture sustainability under a changing climate and develop innovative methods to increase food extraction from the oceans are central approaches to tackle societal challenges related to human nutrition and seafood quality. For these, it is critical to comprehend central aspects related to the morphological and physiological diversity of aquatic species of economic interest or key to food webs, including their environmental and nutritional requirements, mechanisms of adaptation and susceptibility to diseases. High impact scientific knowledge and innovation in supporting areas are provided through basic and applied research and transferred to the industry and end-users.


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