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The 1st BCorps certified winery in Europe, practicing organic viticulture for over 20 years

Our winery is a truly singular place. We produce our wines, in custom-made wooden, thick concrete or egg-shaped vats to avoid using electrically conductive materials.

A classic stamp of Château Maris’ identity is our ovoid vats. This shape, adapted from Roman dolia, naturally encourages the flow of energy and convection currents.

Our preserved wines are light “brewed” by the natural resuspension of the fine lees. This winemaking process allows us to produce exceptional vintages.

We firmly believe it is possible to produce quality wines while respecting the vine. Today, we are happy to preserve the beauty and richness of our land, out of respect for it, for our work, for our customers, and for our children.

Through our high standards, we produce sustainable wines, which are as good as they are attractive and organic. For us, it is a question of respecting the whole cycle, and not just a part of it.

7, rue de l’occitanie

34210 Felines Minervois – France