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Anselmo Mendes

Anselmo Mendes

A faithful connection to the land and respect for the ecosystem

Anselmo Mendes is one of the most renowned winemakers in Portugal and a true revolutionary in the Vinho Verde region. He is known as “Mr. Alvarinho” for he has dedicated more than 30 years into studying and experimenting with this grape.

Anselmo Mendes is one of the largest owners of vineyards in the Vinho Verde region, counting up to a total of 130 ha of Alvarinho and Loureiro spread throughout the region, all managed under sustainable viticulture.

Anselmo Mendes wines are the result of a long, faithful connection to the land, an experimentalist and studious spirit and a philosophy of respect for the ecosystem.

It is in the Vinho Verde region, the largest and one of the oldest designations of origin in Portugal, that most of Anselmo Mendes’ wines are rooted. The Atlantic influence lends the region a fresh climate and an exuberant environment that favour the uniqueness of the wines produced there.

Address: Zona Industrial de Penso, Lote 2, 4960-310, Melgaço – Portugal
Country: Portugal
Phone: (+351) 251 096 157