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Cantina Goccia

First wine company to be brave (or crazy enough) to launch its wine in a paper bottle, Frugalpac’s Frugal Bottle.

Our philosophy is simple, to produce great Umbrian wines in the most sustainable way possible, which meet the requirements of the modern world, yet are still true to their roots.

The business was formed about 20 years ago when husband and wife team Steve and Ceri took over an old and very traditionally run vineyard in the heart of Italy.  Vineyards were extended and old vines replaced and more latterly organic conversion was undertaken.

The challenges of climatic changes were all too apparent to us whether it be overworked soils or late frosts followed by lucifer summers. We were always sustainable, never having used herbicides or pesticides.  Regenerative practices such as cover crops and feed continue to play a role.

To support the work we do in the vineyard and to minimize our impact,

we began to examine more critically our full supply chain.

This led us into the world of alternative packaging where we have championed the introduction of a paper wine bottle.  It’s a journey and we have only just started.

Loc. Giardini 44, Petrignano, Castiglione del Lago, 06061 (PG)


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