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Villiera Wines

Environmental Awareness

For over 30 years the Griers of Villiera have been unlocking the marvels of nature to create the distinctive wines and sparkling wines that bear the family name.

Villiera Wines is a family run wine business in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Villiera is a leader in the production of Cap Classique Sparkling wine, but also has a range of red and white still wines. Finding the perfect balance between agricultural production and environment conservation is at the top of the list of priorities for Villiera. The importance of sustainable agriculture is fully understood and recognized by the Griers, the owners of Villiera. Great environmental considerations have been made to rectify past disturbances on natural vegetation as well to ensure the reduction of their present and future carbon footprint.

Cnr R101 & R304, Koelenhof, P.O. Box 66
Stellenbosch, 7605,
South Africa

+27(21) 8652002