Retailers & Climate Action: Marcus Ihre, Carmel Kilcline, Scot Case & Marta Mendonça

The role of retailers in driving Climate Action

Global wine consumption has not been steady, but the risks associated to climate change have grown significantly. Consequently, so have the number of discerning drinkers looking for evidence of a sustainable approach from their favorite wines. Retailers are a key stakeholder of the wine value chain. They can impact, even determine, the entire supply chain, from production to bottling choices, from logistics to transportation and, therefore, the climate impact of a wine. But ultimately, the most effective pressure for change is likely to come from consumers, who are being bombarded with Climate Change reality and calls to action way before reaching a supermarket shelf. This puts retailers in a unique position to educate and influence them in their so called FMOT (First Moment of Truth), that is, in the 3-5 seconds time spam in which they take their ultimate purchasing decision. This virtual round table is about understanding how the retail industry is playing its role as part of the solution to mitigate the wine industry’s climate impact, influencing consumers and producers alike.


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