Similarities in the climates of wine regions: Dr. Greg Jones and Etienne Neethling

Climate Learnings from Region to Region

Our first one-to-one Climate Talk will be a discussion between Greg Jones (Climatologist and CEO at Abacela) and Etienne Neethling (Head of the international master program in vine, wine, and terroir management at the Ecole SupĂ©rieure de L’Agriculture and an OIV expert within the ENVIRO group).

They will be exploring what wine regions are similar in its various dimensions, from soil to grape varieties.


What is a climate analogue?

Which bioclimatic indices are specific to grape and wine production and how do we calculate them?

Which wine regions have similar climates?

Is climate change a major environmental challenge for the wine sector?

Can European wine regions draw on viticultural lessons from warmer and drier wine regions in countries like South Africa or Australia?

What are the opportunities and challenges for emerging cool wine production regions or regions?

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